My account was already verified, why do I need to verify again?

In order to provide a safe gambling environment and comply with German regulations, we have to ensure that our customers’ data is always accurate and up to date. Therefore, customers need to confirm that their personal data and contact details are still correct once a year. 

This process might require going through re-verification of the account. That is the case, if:

  • Any changes to a customer’s data have occurred (for example if the customer’s legal address has changed, or the surname has changed after marriage)
  • Any data is incorrect
  • Data is missing 
  • The SCHUFA ID check has failed 

The re-verification process can be done via SOFORT ID, or ID NOW and takes just a few minutes. Due to applicable legal provisions, customers that have been asked to re-verify their account and have not completed the process yet will not be allowed to place bets, withdraw or deposit funds.

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