How can I win in the "Result (1X2) per Minute Range XX:xx - XX:xx" Market or Other Similar Markets Where a Specific Time Range is set?

In these markets, the result you have selected needs to be correct only within the time frame set by the market, without taking into account the earlier or later score.

Example: Suppose you have chosen the market Result (AC Milan) per minute range 15:00 - 29:59 in the AC Milan vs Juventus match.

In order for your bet to win, AC Milan needs to win in the 15-minute time frame of "15:00 - 29:59".

In this market, the match starts at 15:00 at 0-0 and ends at 29:59, without taking into account the score of the match until or after that time.

Similar are the markets "First/Second/Third/Fourth Period-Winner" in basketball matches and several others we offer on our page.

For further information on the market Result (1X2) Per Minute Range XX: xx - XX: xx, you can visit the Betting Rules section, paragraph 2.20 in the footer of our homepage.

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