Defining the Goliath Bet System

If you want to experience a different kind of system, a much bigger one, we offer the Goliath system which is as big as the name suggests! 

A Goliath bet is a massive combination with a total of 247 bets / combinations made from 8 selections.

The potential winnings from a Goliath bet are huge! The stake per selection in a Goliath bet is multiplied by 247 to cover any possible outcome (excluding solo bets).

A Goliath bet is a combination of 8 picks offered by the biggest online bookmakers. This bet can be placed on any sport, but, normally, Goliath bets are placed on either football or horse racing (these are not currently offered on our page). What you need to do is pick 8 picks from 8 football matches. When you make your selections for the Goliath bet, we will calculate for you all possible combinations formed from the 8 selections.

There are 247 combinations/bets on a Goliath ticket, so, to place such a bet will cost you 247 x stake per pick. For example: 1 € x 247 combinations = total stake of 247 € per ticket.

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