Defining the Heinz Bet

The Heinz System is a 6 selection ticket consisting of 57 bets as follows: 

  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 fourfold accumulators
  • 6 fivefold accumulators and
  • 1 sixfold accumulator

We will give you an example, to understand how you can place such a ticket in the system: 

  • select 6 matches/sports events and form the ticket.
  • once created, click on System to check the system options for the chosen number of matches, including Heinz. 
  • select Heinz → the 57 combinations mentioned above will be formed
  • the total value of the ticket can be viewed in the last box


  • Two or more selections must be successful to have a return
  • The stake you fill in the box to the right of the odds is per combination. For example you will place 1 €, the total stake will be 57 € (1 x 57 = 57 €).
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