The Event I bet on has Been Postponed/Cancelled. What Happens with my bet?

Postponed and suspended events which are not played/finished within the same day of their original starting times, will be deemed void, and the stakes regarding selections on the specific events will be refunded. If an event gets interrupted after start, and does not resume, or stand with an official result – within the same day of its original starting time, all bets will be deemed void, and the stake will be refunded.

Tennis events will only be deemed void if they aren’t resumed or finished within the end of a tournament. This rule does not apply for ''Qualification'' and "Winning a Trophy" markets which are offered for any event. These markets will be settled as soon as the results of the Qualification and/or the event are finally determined.

For further information about the settlement of bets on events that were postponed or cancelled, you can visit the Betting Rules section, paragraph 1.17, in the footer of our home page.

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