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Single bet: You can select the market of your choice and make your wager. Your potential winnings will be determined by the amount you bet and the odds at the moment you place your bet.

Parlay bet: is a bet type that combines more than one single bets. Winnings are calculated based on the total odds of the bets in the parlay (multiplication of all individual bet odds) and your stake. A bet slip only wins if all of its selections are correct.

System bet: is a type of betting strategy that involves selecting three or more choices in combination.

When placing a system bet, you have the liberty to choose the number of combinations you wish to play. This means you can create multiple combinations of your selected picks, enhancing your winning prospects even if not all of your chosen bets turn out to be correct.

The biggest difference between a parlay and a system bet is that the second one can win, even if not all of the selections are correct, depending on the type of system that has been chosen.

For example, if your bet slip includes 4 selections and you choose the "Yankee" system, you can place the stake you want in the "Amount" field next to the system type. There, you can also see the odds, which will determine your potential winnings. Your bet will win if at least 2 of the 4 selections are correct, and your winnings will depend on the number of the picks that were correct.

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