Activating my Account Once Registration is Completed

Congratulations! You have just completed your registration and now you will need to activate your Betano account, in order to access it fully.

Please check the messages you received on your phone number:

  • You will receive a 4-digit code on the phone number you registered with
  • Enter the code you received in the 4 blank spaces for the 4-digit code you received
  • Once you receive the codes, you will have to enter them in the respective fields in order

Check your incoming messages to the email address in your account:

  • In the new window, you will need to enter the code you received by email
  • Enter the code received by email in the 5 blank spaces for the 5-digit received code

By completing the account activation and verification process, you will gain full access to your account and benefit from all the advantages offered by our platform.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.

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